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April 10, 2017

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iFishNews continues to focus on warm water fishing.  Do check out the latest videos posted by area fishermen. Looks like some great action to be had out there!


LakeForkGuy's question on spawning Bass!

Bruisers at Hubbard!
White Bass

Granger for White Bass...!

Nightcrawlers for Bass!

Bank fishing for Catfish....

DFW Creek fishing....

Texas Rigged Craw....

"Utes" fishing a bayou in Houston

Joe Pool Sand Bass!
Fly Tying Suggestions


Froggy Fly ...is a pattern we learned from William B. Tendrick's FishTales YouTube Channel. It's a simple pattern that works well on surface striking Bass. Do give this one a try!

Sideliner Fly ...is another fishing fly courtesy of FishTales! It's like a Clouser, rides hook point up, and works on Crappie and White Bass! Don't pass this one up this season.

Other Items of Interest - Kayak Fishing Season!


Kayak Fishing... with warmer temps and longer days, now is the time to load up the kayaks and do some kayak fishing!

In preparation for an outing do check out our article, "Kayak Fishing - Tips for Trolling".

Texoma and Kayak Fishing... Striped Bass may be a little harder to come by than years past due to last year's flood.

But, there still is the opportunity to hook a Bruiser or two!

For more on places to put in at Lake Texoma, see our article, "Kayak Fishing on Lake Texoma: Places to Put in on the Texas Side".

Jug Lining and Kayak Fishing... combined make another great way to fish area lakes!

For more on jug lining, do see our article, "Jug Line Fishing".

Also, do see the video of our most recent outing - Sunday April 9, 2017!

Lower Illinois River... has year round trout fishing. Do keep it in mind when the trout bug strikes this Summer!

(April 1,2017)

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