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April 13, 2016

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The following briefly summarizes current fishing trends in our area:

  • Rowlett Creek - Sandy run continues; more rain has things in flux. We are starting to hear reports of Sandies in the lakes as well as crappie. May need to prepare the kayaks sooner than later this year - sure is fun kayak trolling. PS: Local guides are predicting the action in the river will be improving with this latest rain!

  • Blue River (OK) - Water is murky from a report received earlier this week, but reports of trout being caught continue to trickle in.  Do keep an ear out online for Oklahoma Depart of Wildlife Conservation's announcement of catfish stocking in the warmer months. From past years, nice "eating-sized" catfish are the norm!

  • Possum Kingdom - Fish kill was reported recently. Luckily, findings from State biologist indicate the cause was a result of low oxygen content from low water flow and not an algae kill like in the past... whew! Will continue to keep an ear out for more info and hopefully, fishing reports of the action there.

  • Denison Dam - Have been monitoring the Generation Schedule, and these past few days it looks like the generators are idle from the night before to the next afternoon. Looks like there is a window in the morning and early afternoon to try wade fishing the river!

  • Community Lakes and Ponds - The Bass are biting and the Bluegill are making a show. But, this last round of rain and the drop in temps may require a change in the pattern. For now, given one lure, we would go with Watermelon Senkos! Have received reports of nice Bass being caught. For recent pictures, check out the Fishing Bulletin Board!

  • Micro Fly Rods - Been getting lots of questions on the Micro Fly Rods we use - specifically, the COAF Micro Fly Rod and the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod. Both rods have proven fun to fish with. For more on the rods, click on the embedded links!

Fly Tying Articleof the Damsel Fly Variant that we call "Look Ma No Hands". It does not have wings and does not require a foam cutter to form the body - simple and effective on Bass and Bluegill! Also, do check out a recent outing where we test the pattern at a local pond.

Don't Forget Crappie as things may be picking up in our area. Here is a recent video posted on YouTube that shows Crappie in the shallow being caught at Lake Ray Hubbard!

Kayak Fishing is fun and productive at times for catching fish in our area. Do check the Team's kayak fishing YouTube playlist of trips we have gone on!

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