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April 28, 2017

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Cooler weather has the pattern changing but Summer is just around the corner. This issue of iFishNews looks at the action on the Coast... The Texas Gulf Coast! Do check out the latest videos posted by Coastal fishermen.

South Padre Island

Action on the lower coast!
Port Aransas

Mid Coast Action Anyone?
Galveston Area

Looking good on the Upper Coast!

Kayak action...!

On the North Jetty!

More Jetty Action!

Do try Port Mansfield, too!

Packery Channel...!

Kayak action here, too!
Fly Tying Suggestions


Latest from FishTales ...is a video titled, "New Fly Fisher".  Always a sure bet to learn something new from William B. Tendrick's FishTales YouTube Channel. Check it out when you get a chance!

Sportsman Channel ...posted a video a couple of years ago that discussed Texas Saltwater versus Freshwater Fly Fishing. May need to keep this one handy for that trip to the Coast the Summer!

Other Items of Interest - Pier Fishing Anyone?


Galveston Fishing Pier... is a popular fishing pier in Galveston. Here is a short video of a trip back in 2013.

61st Street Fishing Pier... is another popular fishing pier in Galveston. Here is a short video of a trip back in 2014.

More Fishing Pier Action... in Galveston. This video is from 2015 where we fish both piers in Galveston!

Fish Tail Mount ...is one way to preserve your "trophy" while having it for dinner too! Video below is a tail mount of a Spanish Mackerel. For more on how to make one, see our article, "A Simple Fish Tail Mount".

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