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August 31, 2017

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This issue we look at Micro Fishing where the goal is to catch small fish on a hook and line!

Micro Fishing traces its roots to Japan where anglers focused on catching Tanago or Japanese Bitterling.

It is a small fish that fits in the palm of your hand and requires the smallest of hooks to catch on hook and line. Anglers pursue these fish to catch as many species of Tanago as they can with smaller being better.

Micro Fishing like Tanago Fishing is also about catching small fish and more species but does not limit itself to the Tanago. Subsequently, the number of species to pursue increases dramatically!

For more on Micro Fishing, do check out the following sites:
Micro-Fishing -

TenkaraBum: Micro Fishing -

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Getting Started in Micro Fishing


Gearing Up can be simple... you may already have the fishing gear in hand; else you can purchase specialized equipment as noted below.

Tanago Rod. Considered the traditional rod used by Tanago fishermen in Japan. Think of it as a mini-Tenkara Rod often made with bamboo. For more on Tanago Fishing and Tanago Rods, do check out  "the Compleat Tsuribito"!

Tenkara Rod. Typical Tenkara rods are eleven feet and longer in length. However, do consider a scaled down version like the six foot Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 18 pictured below. Rod scaled down to six foot or less make for an excellent rod for Micro Fishing!

Micro Fly Rod. Commercially available rods can be purchased online, or you can modify a "Pen Fishing Rod" into a Micro Fly Rod. For more on making one yourself, see our article, "COAF Micro Fly Rod".

Ultralight Fly Rod. A traditional fly rod in the 000 to 3 weight range as defined by the Ultralight Fly Fishing Forum! We use a 2wt Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rod and Echo Ion 2/3 Fly Reel.

Fishing Lines to Use. We like to use two pound test tippet material when Micro Fishing. Others consider using even lighter line.

For more on fishing lines, do read TenkaraBum's article - Micro Fishing Lines!

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PS: Don't forget the hooks! When Micro Fishing the critical factor is finding the right size hooks.

We have found the size 20 and 22 dry fly hooks work well on little Sunfish and Bluegill but are too large for the tiny Minnows and Darters.

There are online stores offering smaller hooks. Of note are hooks offered by TenkaraBum - Micro Fishing Hooks.

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Videos of Interest



Wine Cork Micro Flyrod...

Kiyotaki 18...

Nice Catfish ...caught using a two piece micro flyrod!

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