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February 27, 2018

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This edition shifts focus to warmer water fishing as the Texas Winter Trout Stocking Season winds down. In particular is the annual White Bass spawning run!

Texas Parks and Wildlife...
White Bass Fishing!

"Running of the Bass"

Great informational video of the annual White Bass Run published by Texas Parks and Wildlife...

Freshwater anglers all across the state look forward to the annual spring run of White Bass. When the conditions are right, the fishing is easy. When the conditions aren't right, the anglers just have to work a little bit harder. Catch up with some white bass anglers at Colorado Bend State Park, just below the Inks Lake dam, and on the Sabine River. See our PBS show schedule on our web site www.tpwd.state.tx.us/tv

Do check it out and get ready for some fast and furious action on area rivers and creeks!

Guided Fishing Trips...
For those that want to learn more about fishing the annual White Bass spawning run, it never hurts to hire a local guide.

In the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex is local guide Carey Thorn. As evidenced by client testimonials, fishing seminars, and fishing videos like the one in the sidebar, he can put you on fish.

Even better, he will provide fishing tips and suggestions so you can fish on your own! For more info, do check out his webpage - http://texasoklahomafishingguides.com/

Underwater Video - White Bass!

Rivers and Creeks...


White Bass Fishing
by 30 Miles Out!

Nueces River by Georgewest
Always a fan of Ty and Theresa Southerland of 30miles Out.  Their informative videos about kayak fishing in Texas provide a wealth of information.

We especially like the video they published of our old stomping grounds in South Texas - specifically, the Nueces River boat launch by Georgewest, TX!

Key items to note in video:

- Trolling Rattletraps in White or Silver worked well; similarly other lipless crankbaits worked for others as well.
- Additionally, jig including speck jigs worked for one fisherman.
- Although they never made it to the recommended spot, lots of action was had trolling the mile stretch upriver from the boat launch!
- Directions to the recommended spot were... "go North (upriver), past the Island, and then past two more bends"!

Great video... although 30miles Out relocated to Florida, they continue to provide information videos and product reviews related to kayak fishing! For more on 30miles Out, check out their YouTube Channel!

DFW Creeks...
Here is another video from local DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) guide Carey Thorn. This one is a how to on fishing for white bass in shallow water.

The creek is located in the DFW area; depending on the time of year and the amount of rain, things can get slippery along the banks.

But regardless, the fish will be biting! And, in this case. the White Bass are going for a white 2" fluke hooked "through the eyes"!

White Bass in Shallow Water!

FishTales: And the Run Begins!

Yegua Creek...
Here is another fisherman we follow on YouTube - William B. Tendrick! His FishTales series provides great entertainment and lessons learned from years of fishing experience!

In this video, the run is on at Yegua Creek near Lake Somerville...

"All it takes is a good rise in the creeks and lake to get the party started.  Rainy weather a week ago pushed Lake Somerville up about two feet over normal pool level and that is enough to begin the whitebass migration up into the rain filled creeks.

While the Yegua (main feeder creek for the lake) is still running high and muddy all the smaller creeks are in great shape for exploring in search of these feisty fighters and fine table fare. It is time to fill the freezer!"

For more on William B. Tendrick's FishTales series, check out his YouTube Channel!

Nolan River...
Here is a video from Central Texas of the Sand Bass (another name for White Bass) fishing on the Nolan River...

"Youtube! After a long and busy 2-year hiatus I am back! Work, football, and several other things have pulled on my time but I broke free this weekend to get you guys some footage that will hopefully be the beginning of the return of this channel.

Today I am fishing one of my personal favorite spots: the Nolan River. Popular for its spring Sand Bass runs, you can always find it packed on spring break. However, with a warm February in session, the fish are moving up and getting active earlier than most would expect, making for some great river fishing.

While most bass were still in the deep slues downstream, I managed to get into one of the first schools to move upstream and catch 20+ fish on the day.

Although traditional panfish and crappie lures of any kind are acceptable here, a 1/16 oz. jighead with Panfish Assassin 2" curly-tail grubs were the big ticket in some shallow pockets on this gorgeous afternoon.

My apologies for the lack of an intro to the video. My previous intro is outdated and looks nothing like me now, so a new one is in progress and you will be the first to see it."

Nolan River!

The Steps...!

San Gabriel River...
In this video, two fishermen opt to fish the "Steps" of the San Gabriel River...

"Made a quick trip out to the San Gabriel River to throw some Roadrunner jigs for some white bass! The hite bass are spawning here in central Texas. They are heading up into creeks and rivers.

The easiest way to catch them is with little jigs like Road Runners. We only fished for about an hour but we still caught some! This section of the San Gabriel dumps into Granger Lake. This section of the river is known as 'The Steps,' and is FREE!

Lure: Roadrunner 2.0 jighead w/ Strike King Lightning Shad"

Trinity River...
Here is a video of the White Bass fishing on the Trinity River - "Lock N Dam"... poste by Brian McPherson!

"In this video I show you how to fish for white bass using a tandem rig. 1/8oz jig on bottom and 1/16oz on top.

Make sure to change colors of curly tail jig until you find the right color. White Bass are fun to catch and good to eat.

Good Luck and Thanks for watching."

Trinity River!

Brazos River..!

Brazos River...
In this video, two fishermen - FishyB and Knuckles of Fly Fish TX show the action on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake...

"Knuckles and I had an incredible morning on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom!  In three hours we each caught a minimum of 50+ sand, striped and hybrid bass.

Knuckles was fishing an ultra light spinning combination with a Rapala rainbow trout lure and I fished my TFO / Lamson 9 wt with a size 6 white zonker fly.  

Check out the video and if you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE!  If you have any questions, leave a comment or shoot us an email at fishybandknuckles@gmail.com"


Gotta Love Hank....

More from Hank Patterson....

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