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January 5, 2017

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Happy New Year!

We hope 2017 brings more "Good Luck and Good Fishing" to our Readers! This edition we mixed things up. Instead of writing about fishing, we decided to  post videos from area fishermen showing the action to be had this Winter Trout Stocking Season! (@ifishnews)

Guadalupe River

Short clip of the action on the Guad!
Trinity River

Action at Trinity Park in Fort Worth!
Other Places!

What about the Llano River?
On to Oklahoma!

Gotta love Turner Falls!

More action on a kayak float!

Good to know LLLELA has Trout!

Waterloo in Denison...!

Action on the Blue River!

Great action on 2016's last day!

No fishing but nice video of LLELA!

Bethany in Allen to close 2016!

Lower Illinois action back in October!
Fly Tying Suggestions


PMC Emerger or Plain Mayfly Crooked Emerger is a dual use pattern that can be fished wet or dry. It has been working well on stocker trout actively feeding on and/or near the surface! For more details on tying this pattern, check out our article, "Fly Tying - The PMC Emerger".

Griffith's Gnat on a caddis hook is another fishing fly that has been working well on stocker trout in our area! Simple pattern, simple tie... and an effective trout getter! For more details on tying this pattern, check out our article, "Griffith's Gnat on a Caddis Hook"!

Other Suggestions


Power Bait  has been a go to bait for trout in our area.

Here are a few fishing rigs to keep in mind when fishing with Power Bait - "PowerBait Fishing Rigs for Rainbow Trout".

The Super Duper from Luhr Jensen is one lure we maintain at the ready in our tackle box during the trout season!

Fished slow, fast, or with a stop-n-go retrieve, the lure seems to be a consistent producer for us each season.

When asked how we fish a Super Duper, we posted our answer and several videos to demonstrate - "How Do We Fish a Super Duper?"

Connections... for attaching fly fishing leaders to fly line. Question was asked about how we attach our leaders to our fly line and tippet rings.

In reply, we posted an answer on our weblog - Stocker Trout Fishing, that details four ways we attach a leader to a fly line.

Here is the link to the post - "Fly Line - Leader -  Tippet Ring Connections".

Bummer... Snow Anyone?
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