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June 22, 2016

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The following briefly summarizes current fishing trends in our area:

  • Lake Lavon - White Bass, Crappie, and Catfish action are good; some reports of fish being taken in the tailrace as well! If you can book a trip with guide Carey Thorn (469-528-0210), then do give it a try. Latest report is looking really good, but his calendar is filling fast!

  • Blue River (OK) - This Saturday (June 25), the Perch Plucking Tournament is being held on the Blue River. Check-in is in Area 2. For more info, contact Barry at fishingcowboyblue@yahoo.com!

  • Possum Kingdom - Water flow has come down recently and reports to date show lots of striper action in the river! Do check out the latest video from FishyB in the sidebar!

  • Denison Dam - Still tough finding a block of time to wade fish the river, but others are having success fishing for them in the strong flow with surfcasting gear!

  • Community Lakes and Ponds - Bluegill and Sunfish are still biting; most recent trip had us using a "Marilyn Monroe" Tenkara Fly! However, good action has been had with Foam Grasshoppers and small streamers. Bass are going into their Summer pattern, so it's early morning and late evening trips to hook up with Bass. If you do fish during the heat of the day, target areas with water flow and shade!

  • Water Wolf Camera - More to come on this trend, but we have jumped on the bandwagon and put an order in for the Water Wolf Camera. We hope to try it soon and post action shots of fish striking our lures in the near future. Do check back on our website - StockerTroutFishing.com and our YouTube Channel - COAF Field Team!


Water Wolf Camera provides an opportunity for anglers to see what is happening underwater while fishing! In particular, we have been following one East Coast Angler - John Skinnner, who has been using this camera while fishing in his area. This video in particular provides a great view of the action. Liking this camera, we have ordered one and hope to provide underwater action shots of fish in our area. Stay tuned!

Possum Kingdom Stripers are looking good. Do check out the latest video from Texas Fishing Forum's FishyB and his fishing buddy Knuckles. Water is looking good, and the fishing is looking even better!

Galveston Fishing ... video posted recently showing some wade fishing action on the middle Texas Coast. Really missing the coast; this video just reminds us what we have been missing!

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