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June 24, 2017

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Last issue we looked at the kayak fishing action on the Texas Gulf Coast. This issue we return to the Coast, focusing on land-based fishing opportunities along the Texas Upper Coast - specifically Galveston, Texas City, and Surfside Beach. Do check out videos of the action!


Calm before the storm...!
Texas City Dike

Intrepid Fisherman's video... excellent info!
Surfside Beach

Wade fishing for Trout!

Change of plans, went to Seawolf Park...

Short clip... fish being caught!

Surfside Beach Jetty

Sharks at 61st Street Fishing Pier!

Recent Livestream from Intrepid FIsherman!

Surfside Jetty (Freeport) 2016.
Pier Fishing Suggestions


Pier Nets ...would strongly suggest bringing a pier net when fishing the area piers. Our last trip we lost a bruiser sting ray because we did not bring one. We have one but it's too bulky to load in the little car we use for road trips.

Found this video of collapsible  pier net... am almost done making one; will be ready going forward!

Fish Bites ...wish we knew about this; would have used it on our last trip to the Coast! It's an odorless bait that comes in several "flavors" like shrmip, mullet, and crab.

Have not tried it yet, but others have caught fish like Whiting, Croaker, and Red Fish using Fish Bites! Gonna give it a try next time we are on the Coast... may even try it locally in the area lakes and ponds in our area!

Other Items of Interest - Cool Videos!


Seawolf Park... drone video footage of the area!

Texas City Dike... drone video footage that give a great view of the area!

Seawolf Park to Texas City Dike... another drone video of the area; this one goes from the park to the dike!

"Fishing in Galveston"...article is posted. See it at Hubpages: Fishing in Galveston! Also, do check out our other articles on HubPages!

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