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March 16, 2016

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The following briefly summarizes current fishing trends in our area:

  • Rowlett Creek - Sandies are running. Reports are coming in steady with some nice stringers noted early in the week. Did notice one report that the action may have slowed. Also, weather change is coming with rain in the forecast. May need to adjust the pattern to the changing conditions.

  • Trinity River - Not certain how long the Rainbow Trout stocked by Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) will be in the river, but if you are in the area, it would be worth a try for a chance at some of the Bruisers the stocked! Saw some really nice sized Rainbows caught last Saturday and Sunday.

  • Blue River (OK) - Lady Blue is one to keep in mind as there are Rainbows still in the river. Most recent stocking was Monday, March 14. Noticed several reports coming in that trout are being caught, but it looks like the action may have slowed compared to earlier in the Season

  • Possum Kingdom - Only been to PK once; fished by the Highway 16 Bridge for Rainbow Trout. Did well but also caught several Striped Bass. With low waterflow currently, it sounds like wade fishing the tailrace for Striped Bass might be a good idea for fishermen in the area.

  • Denison Dam - Checked the real-time release schedule. They are currently generating with two generators online. Will need to hold on wade fishing for Striped Bass for now. However, surf casting for Striped Bass should not be ruled out. Will standby for reports/updates as they come in.

  • Community Lakes and Ponds - Warmer weather has Bass moving in the shallows and starting to build their beds. Have not seen many paired up yet but the spawn should happening soon (if not already for some) in the area. Reports of some nice Bruisers being caught and released have been coming in consistently. Let's see what the weather change will do to the action here in the next day or two. That said, may be a good idea to hit the local pond before the change comes... possibly tomorrow morning.

  • Snakes - Although not a fish, we are seeing lots of activity on snakes and snake sightings. Mild Winter may mean more snakes will be out and about in the next few weeks. Do be aware and step lightly as you fish!


Steady Action at Bethany yesterday evening with a number of Bass caught and released as well as one Bluegill.  All went for a Mardis Gras Near Deere or a Pink Near Deere!
    Water was clear and Bass were actively chasing small bait fish in the shallows. Did see some Bass hovering near their beds but none were paired up as of yet.
    Also, saw others getting hook ups using plastic worms and Senkos. If not fly fishing, would go with bait casting gear and the plastics - especially, Senkos!
    With the weather changing in the near term, we may need to try it again for one more round!

TRWD Flyfest was held last Saturday as planned. Below is a video clip that we posted on the event. Hope TRDW hosts it again next year! For more info, go to

Fly Fish Texas was held last Saturday at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens, TX. We did not attend, but we did locate a YouTube video posted by an avid fly fisherman that was there. Have seen other videos from him and all have been informative!

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