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March 31, 2018

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This edition takes us to the Texas Coast, catching the fishing action from fishermen posting on YouTube! Also, we added two "quick-tie" fly tying videos of two patterns to keep handy for freshwater bass, fly casting videos to show the fly line is more important than the rod or reel, and our TRWFD Flyfest 2018 video held March 10 on the banks of the Trinty River in Fort Worth.  Was a great time and an excellent opportunity to catch a nice size Rainbow Trout!

"Galveston Way"

"Port A Bound"

"South Padre, Too"

Guero Kool Arrow



Austin Jackson

Funk-So Brotha

Lauren Schmitt

South Texas Limit Out
Fly Tying Suggestions - Freshwater Bass


Fly Tying on a Damsel Variant we like using on local ponds. Has been a go to pattern for us this time of year when the bass are in their spawning beds!

Foam Grasshopper... is a pattern we like when sight casting for Bass cruising the shallows in the early evening when they are feeding on bait fish!

Fly Casting - Start with Quality Fly Line, then...


No Rod, No Reel,....

One Rod, No Reel....

More No Rod, No Reel....

Great time at TRWD FLYFEST 2018 and after, too!

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