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May 03, 2016

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The following briefly summarizes current fishing trends in our area:

  • Rowlett Creek - Recent reports indicate the water is muddy and the bite has slowed. Limits continue to be reported but may be harder to come by. Also, lots of water snakes out and about, so do be careful.

  • Blue River (OK) - Oklahoma Depart of Wildlife Conservation stocked the river with catfish stocking last week. No reports as of yet, but it's good to know there are some nice "eating-sized" catfish to be had!

  • Possum Kingdom - No updates this round. (Restating last issue's post for reference... Fish kill was reported recently. Luckily, findings from State biologist indicate the cause was a result of low oxygen content from low water flow and not an algae kill like in the past... whew! Will continue to keep an ear out for more info and hopefully, fishing reports of the action there).

  • Denison Dam - Water is flowing at  Tailrace with the recent rains throwing the schedule a curve. Still tough to get a block of time to wade fish the river, but have heard of nice Stripers being caught from the bank on the Oklahoma side! Glad we renewed our OK Fishing Licenses!

  • Community Lakes and Ponds - The Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish are biting. Have come across some nice looking Bass and Bluegill as well as one nice sized Sunfish that we posted on the Fishing Bulletin Board!

  • Foam Grasshopper - These past few weeks we have lots of the green "stuff" growing in the local ponds and community lakes, making it tough for fishermen to use lures such as Senkos, Jigs, Spinnerbaits, etc. As a work around, we use topwater lures in particular the Foam Grasshopper. It can be cast to clear areas and pockets in the ponds and requires the occasional cleaning when we do run in to the green "stuff". Do give this one a try at least until the water clears up!

Fly Tying Article of the Foam Grasshopper that has been working for the Team. One modification to the pattern is to downsize the hook to a size 12, use half of the foam body, and no chenille. The fishing fly floats but with a twitch sinks slowly, resulting in reactive strikes by fish that were previously ignoring the fly!

Carp and Buffalo at White Rock Lake! A group of carp fishermen meet monthly to fish for carp and buffalo in North Texas. For April, they met at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. Results noted were... 9 members caught 53 carp and buffalo, totaling 355 pounds. Very nice!

Texas Creek Bass Fishing video that is great example of Bass being caught and released in a creek. Always has been a pleasant surprise fishing for Bass in creeks.

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