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May 28, 2017

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Warmer weather is upon us. Last issue we looked at the action on the Texas Gulf Coast. This issue we look at the kayak fishing action! Do check out the latest videos posted by kayak fishermen.


VentureTube at Lake Conroe for a bruiser bass!
Corpus Christi

2GuysYakin fishing leeward side...

Texas Fish Slayers for Reds and Specks!

Laughing Lures at Placid Lake for bass!

StixHD for topwater action on Reds!

Bassassasins first time for Reds...

SharBaitTV breaking a rod...!

2GuysYakin on a windy day...

Pamela Girlfish targeting Reds!
Kayak Fishing Suggestions


Paddling.Net for buying a kayak for fishing.

Out West with Chris ...providing tips when looking for a paddle for kayaying.

Other Items of Interest - Cool Videos!


ReXDeLReY... great footage and commentary on sight fishing for Reds!

Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV... video that shows great footage when launching from the surf.

Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV... with another video. This one on shark fishing!

Trolling ...while kayak fishing has been a "go to" means to produce fish. Do see our article, "Kayak Fishing: Tips for Trolling"! Video below is one example..

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