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November 25, 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving to our Readers! Turkey and dressing smothered with gravy and a side of biscuits is the catch phrase this weekend. That said, we hope a few of us can breakaway from the dining table and go trout fishing!

The Winter Trout Stocking Schedule for Texas is posted - see link. The first stockings took place Wednesday, 23 November. No reports as of yet but until then, we took the opportunity to modify the schedule for easier reference - see link "Modified Schedule".

For this issue, we provide observations from our recent trips to the Blue River in Oklahoma, note the delayed stockings in three locations in Oklahoma, and posted links to three online articles published several years ago related to trout fishing - specifically, the Rainbow Trout stocked in Texas.

The Blue River located near Tishimingo.

  • Weekly stockings of Rainbow Trout continue with the latest completed 23 November - 4,000+ trout!

  • The recent Trout Derby this past Veterans Day Weekend has some Bruiser Trout still lurking in the river, too!

  • The cold front that passed through last week dropped temps and slowed the bite over the weekend but recent reports indicate the action is picking up.

  • For the latest info on the Blue River, do give Scotty a ring at Scotty's Blue River One Stop - (580) 371-9288.

Medicine Park, Perry CCC Lake, and Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma...

  • Last report indicated a delay in the trout stockings due to the unusually warm weather.

  • Anticipate a two week delay; however, with the recent cold front water temps should be dropping!

  • Do check with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for the latest update.

Of interest to fishermen planning to fish the Winter Trout Stocking Season, below are three articles that may help increase catch rates:

PS: Do check out Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's (OWDC) Trout Information site for more info on other areas stocked by the ODWC. Also, when harvesting trout, be sure to have a tag attached to your stringer or risk being fined. The tag will have your name and Oklahoma Fishing License Number.

For those fishing in Texas, "Trout anglers will need the $5 Freshwater Fishing Stamp, which is included in all freshwater license packages. Anglers under 17 years of age are not required to have a license and don't need to purchase a stamp." Retrieved from

"Pictures from the Blue"

Blue River in Oklahoma had a slow down in the action for some this past weekend possibly due to the cold front that passed through the area. We did see others doing well with PowerBait! For the Team, we fished Saturday and Sunday and managed only one on Sunday. No worries, looks like the action may be picking up with 4,000+ trout released this past Wednesday!

Medicine Park is one of three Oklahoma locations delayed in their trout stockings this season. That said, with cooler temps, we are keeping an eye for updates to the schedule. In preparation for the stockings, here is video from last season when the Team fished Medicine Park! Cool place with some good eateries in the area. So, if the bite is slow, no worries... go grab a bite at one of the restaurants!


Turner Falls Park video of the Team fishing the river several seasons ago when they stocked below the Waterfall. Last season, they stocked above the Waterfall due to recent heavy rains and repairs to the area below the Watefall were taking place.

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