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September 29, 2017

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Fall is here and in preparation for the upcoming Trout Stocking Season, we would like to offer Readers useful information to keep handy this Season!

Starting things off... we begin with our favorite places to fish for trout in our area - specifically, North Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma!

In no particular order, we list the following:

- Lower Mountain Fork River (Beavers Bend State Park, OK)
- Lower Illinois River (Gore, OK)
- Blue River (Tishimingo, OK)
- Turner Falls Park (Davis, OK)
- Medicine Park (Lawton, OK)
- Guadalupe River (New Braunfels, TX)
- Possum Kingdom Tailrace (Graford, TX)
- Trinity River (Fort Worth, TX)

Do read on as we provide a brief summary of these locations, why we like them, and video of fishing trips we have taken to these locations!

Got trout anyone? Underwater video of a Golden or Palomino Trout stocked last year at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma!

Fishing trip to the Lower Mountain Fork where we caught  a 20" personal best trout in 2015!

Lower Mountain Fork River... (Beavers Bend State Park, OK): Located in the Southeastern corner of Oklahoma is the Lower Mountain Fork River (LMF). The LMF is a year-round trout fishery that offers the chance at Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Special regulation zones in sections of the river restrict anglers to a 20" minimum size and one trout daily limit. Subsequently, catching a trophy trout happens more often than not. And, although damaged by flooding in recent years, the LMF has come back in a new light... as locals note, "It's not the same river before the floods!"

Moreover, we like the LMF as our personal best Rainbow Trout were caught while fishing the "Evening Hole"... personal best was a 20" Rainbow Trout, but what has us liking the LMF was we caught a PB on one trip, then came back the next week and caught another 20" Rainbow Trout to tie our PB!

For more on the Lower Mountain Fork River, do read about our first Trout Fishing Day Trip to the LMF.

Lower Illinois River... (Gore, OK): Another year-round fishery in Oklahoma is the Lower Illinois River (LIR). As you pass through the town of Gore, OK, note the billboard sign stating the LIR as the "Trout Capital of Oklahoma".

Similar to the Lower Mountain Fork's special regulations zones, the LIR also has one that runs between the highwater guage and the "gravel road". Fishermen can try their luck at catching 20"+ rainbow trout or opt for stocker size trout further upriver near the tailrace of Tenkiller Lake!

Also, w
e like the LIR as it is only two hours away from Oklahoma City where one of our Team Member's resides, making for a day trip opportunity while we are in the area.

For more on the Lower Illinois River, do see our Lower Illinois River YouTube Playlist!

One of two fishing trips to the Lower Illinois River this past April. Power Worms were key...!

Chilly morning fishing the Blue River by Hughes Crossing back in the Winter of 2016!

Blue River... (Tishimingo, OK): Less than two hours from the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex is the Blue River located near the town of Tishimingo.

A seasonal trout fishery that is stocked weekly from
November to March, the Blue River is a picturesque river that affords fishermen an excellent opportunity to limit out on trout!

If catch and release is your preference, the Blue River also has a Catch and Release section stocked with trout ranging from the typical 9"-13" stockers to larger trout to make things interesting!

two trout derbies held in November and February augment the scheduled stockings with trophy size trout in the five pound plus range!

Moreover, we like the Blue River as it is an easy day trip for us, and we seem to limit out more often than not!

For more about the Blue River... in particular, the area by Hughes Crossing check out "Blue River by Hughes Crossing: Suggested Areas for Rainbow Trout Fishing".

Turner Falls Park... (Davis, OK): A popular water attraction in Oklahoma is Turner Falls Park just south of Oklahoma City along Highway 35. The park offers water activities, hiking, camping, and even exploring a castle! It also has a 70'+ waterfall that can be a sight to see when the river is flowing.

But, as the Summer winds down and Winter brings forth cooler temps, the Park stocks rainbow trout in the river. Depending on the conditions, stockings will take place downriver from the waterfall or above the waterfall. Do check with the Gate Attendant when checking in; they will readily provide the stocking points for a given Season.

We like Turner Falls Park as it tends to be less crowded than other places, the trout seem larger than other locations we have fished, and it is a short one hour drive from Oklahoma City or just over two hours from the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex.

For more on Turner Falls Park, do see our article, "Trout Fishing Day Trip".

Fishing trip to Turner Falls Park in the Winter of 2015 when they stock above the Waterfall!

Video of our first trip fishing Medicine Park back in the Winter of 2015!

Medicine Park... (Lawton, OK): About an hour and half from Oklahoma City going south on I-44 is Medicine Park near the town of Lawton and Fort Sill.

ituated in the Wichita Mountains near the entrance to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Park has a long history as a vintage cobblestone resort town and has been a tourist attraction for many years. However, it is also a great place to fish for trout!

Medicine Park has a river that runs through the town; the river is stocked every two weeks from
November to March. It is stocked with typical stocker size trout (9"-13") but on occasion trophy trout in the 20" plus size are added to a stocking!

With the added bonus of larger trout to be caught, we like fishing Medicine Park. But, the main reason we like to fish Medicine Park... Restaurants with tasty food! Along the river, you will see restuarants that offer tasty steaks, Oklahoma style burgers, and chicken fried steaks with huge portions of sides.

For more about Medicine Park, check out their website -! Also, check out the article about Medicine Park on page 6 of our magazine - Stocker Trout Fishing (sample copy).

Guadalupe River... (New Braunfels, TX): Quoting Orvis, "The Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake dam is listed as one of the top 100 trout streams in America. It is also the southernmost trout stream in the U.S." (retrieved from

It offers year round trout fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout but colder months are much preferred as the trout tend to stress when caught and played too long during the hot Texas Summers.

The river has special regulations zones that require a minimum 18" in length and a daily limit of one trout. There are other sections as well that are considered "put and take" areas where no minimum lenth is required and the daily limit is five.

We like the Guadalupe River as it does double duty as a great place to fish year round be it for trout, bass, panfish, and Striped Bass as well as a fun water activities like "toobing" in the Summer.

Moreover, with New Braunfels and Greune Hall, we can always take in some great live music from local musicians to big name country singers!

For more on the Guadalupe River, do see our article, "Guadalupe River Rainbow Trout Fishing".

Fished Rio Raft along the Guadalupe back in 2012 and managed a 16" Rainbow Trout!

Video of our first trip fishing Possum Kingdom back in January 2016... the "twitch" was key!

Possum Kingdom Tailrace... (Graford, TX): About an hour west of Fort Worth is Possum Kingdom Reservoir. Known for clear waters and Striped Bass fishing by area anglers, in the Winter its tailrace becomes a trout fishery!

Stocked several times during the Winter Trout Stocking Season by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Possum Kingdom's Tailrace offers North Texans the chance to catch a rainbow trout in a river setting!

Although we have fished Possum Kingdom Tailrace only once... we decided last minute to try our luck there, we have a fondness for this location because it was where we learned about "twitching" our rod tip as we swung our fishing flies down current to trigger strikes.

Having learned this "twitching" technique, we have since used it on the Lower Mountain Fork and the Blue River for trout, and Denison Dam Tailrace for Striped Bass!

Trinity River... (Fort Worth, TX): The Trinity River is managed by the Tarrant Regional Water District. Over the years, they have made considerable improvements to the river for the benefit of the community.

Moreover, TRWD has been stocking sections of the river with Rainbow Trout for over 30 years to the delight of fishermen. The trout tend to be larger than the typical stocker trout at five pound plus and ultralight gear may be best left at home!

By chance, we decided to fish the Trinity River the same day the first TRWD Flyfest was being held back in March 2016. It offered fly tying lessons and demos, seminars, food and drink, and great live music, too! Even better, there was a Big Trout Contest that we were able to participate in.

Having enjoyed the event, we came back in 2017 and although we did not join the Big Trout Contest, we were able to catch a limit of five - four Rainbow Trout and one Golden aka Palomino Trout. We did have a tough time keeping them on the hook, losing several nice ones and lots of missed strikes, but as noted, we did get out limit!

For the next TRWD Flyfest, we hope to make it again next year - currently scheduled for March 10, 2018! See TRWD Flyfest for more information.

Limited out on trout fishing the Trinity River at TRWD Flyfest 2017 held earlier this year!

Suggestions and Tips!


DIY Fly Line Leader. Suggestions on making your own fly line leader as well as attaching a leader to your fly line, DIY Fly Line Leader.

Three Fishing Flies ... that are easy to tie and effective to keep ready this season: "Three Suggested Fishing Flies for Rainbow Trout".

PMC Emerger. Another suggested fishing fly to keep handy, "Fly Tying - The PMC Emerger".

Hank Patterson ... world reknowned fly fishing expert and guide. LOL!

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